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Couples Engagement Photoshoot at Halona Blowhole with CRAZY waves and rain (during winter season)

Couples engagement photoshoot at Halona Blowhole, Eternity Beach, on Oahu, Hawaii. It's winter here on Oahu and that means RAIN and WIND. This session turned out to be so beautiful and unique! We caught it to see the waves crashing into the cliffside behind the couple and it was so whimsical and magical. If you're nervous about booking a photoshoot in Hawaii during the winter time, don't be alarmed if you have the RIGHT photographer to capture the moment beautifully as the island is.

This session was during sunset time, and we got some beautiful colors in the sky. The sun doesn't set directly over the ocean for this location, however it does rise over the ocean. If you want more sun then I would suggest booking a sunrise photoshoot for Halona Blowhole, Eternity beach location. I personally LOVE both times of the day. They both tell a different story.

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